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EdSurge Team

EdSurge is Looking for a Community Manager

EdSurge is looking for a talented and passionate individual to manage our growing community of innovative educators and entrepreneurs.

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EdSurge is Looking for a Reporter

EdSurge is looking for a reporter who is passionate about sharing the conversations and ideas that will influence how learners learn—and how teachers teach. You will cover the growing community of education entrepreneurs along with the students, educators and learners they’re supposed to serve.

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EdSurge is Looking for Data Engineer Intern

EdSurge is a startup dedicated to helping people understand how educational technology can be used to help improve the global educational ecosystem.

We are looking to build an internal database of publicly available information regarding different schools and learning institutions.

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EdSurge is Looking for a Growth Marketer

EdSurge is looking for a growth marketing ninja who is equal parts product manager, digital marketer and business development ace. Your ability to think up creative campaigns to increase awareness and use of websites is rivaled only by your focus on measuring and reporting on results. You have experience with the full suite of user growth tools including a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each. These include email marketing, webinars, partnerships, community building, social media, word of mouth campaigns and more.

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